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i'm nany , 24 nov going to 18 :)
thank you

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i love parents

guysguys ! i want story about my parents . my mum name hanita and my fther name kamaluddin . sweet kn name nye . syg snadsnad kpade kedua ibubapa saya . mereka telah menjaga saya
sampai skrang . dlu happy sanadsanad . the funny family gitu . wee~~ tapi skrang da ta happy :(
but , my dad sakit stelah exsident time to me 9 yrs old :'( tp saya tetap akan b'janji kepada
duadua ibubapa saya , yang saya akan menolong mereka with seberape yang saya buley lakukannye
rayaraya :P
I was one of those children who got scared of everything (literally), and I would end up going to my parent’s room nearly every night because something (like a shadow) scared me, until I was 9. My parents never yelled at me to grow up or stop being a baby, but they always took me in and even setup a small mattress on the floor for me even though I had my own room
Specifically my parents, I love my dad’s sense of humor, I love his open .nness to talk with us, I love how he still treats us like his babies even though we are adults, I love that he always brings something home for us or my mom. I love how he raised my brothers to be men. I love how he always expresses his love for us. I love how he was able to sacrifice having my mom around so she could study with us in Egypt. I love how he helps my mom around the house. I love my mom’s dedication to seeking knowledge, mashaAllah she trumps a lot of us young ppl. I love that she expresses her love through actions more than words. I love it when she takes care of me when I am sick – no one does it like her. I love how she taught us Islam at a young age, even though we were not able to appreciate it then. I love that she instilled manners in us. I love her amazing smile, mashaAllah, it will cheer you up. And of course, I love her cooking *asam pedas*
What do i love most about them? subhanAllah, I guess this is true for all parents but their unconditional love for their children and the sacrifices they make for their children without even thinking about it. It is so amazing.
, even though I can make the exact same dishes – hers are just special :D

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